Day 10 and onwards…

Interesting finding when trying to write a blog about each day in isolation. This truly is a one type ”human test” and I guess we all find different sides from ourselves during isolation. Depends how much we´re willing to listen of course.
But at least I have found several things – one of them being the language that I use when writing. I clearly realized that blogging about love and emotions in English is not necessarily my thing, I like to write about deep feelings, relationship and life and write poems that reflect my life. To be able to truly express myself, I guess I would need much much more rich vocabulary than I have. It has started to feel like a high mountain to climb when writing in English. So conclusion is clearly to get back to writing in Finnish only, that I guess gives me more variations to paint the current picture with words.
But to summarize these last days ever since day 9 – which seems like a distant history already. Quite a rollercoaster emotionally I have to say. Being isolated in a big apartment, not seeing and talking with anyone for a month now.. that is tough itself. When I add my big life changes, including the move to the other side of the world, it´s for sure an interesting mix. And there have been times when melancholy hits big, the desire to just call someone and say ”I would need a shoulder now, let´s go and have a coffee”, has been quite big every now and then. Luckily the modern technology enables us to talk online and see each other smile, that brings so much joy and it makes these day easier to manage. One thing I also have started to enjoy a lot and sometimes it surprises me with a tear or two – it´s the kindness and shared love that us humans have all of sudden been able to show. All these online concerts to honor front line workers, the effort people make to send a note to the other side of the world to say ”I miss you”…they are just so beautiful and give plenty of hope for tomorrow.
Here in New Zealand the big motto in the beginning was ”be kind”. It has become quite a leading thought to everything people do here, makes the country very united and people have that feeling ”we´re in this together”. I truly truly hope that when this madness is over, we won´t get back to normal emotionally, but we rather keep this new behavior model and be kind to each other.
To summarize the cornerstones of love – since I won´t be writing this English blog anymore – I´ll just share my thoughts on the ones I didn´t write yet. And let´s see how the ”hole package” looks like 🙂
The cornerstones left are trust, curiosity, passion and rhythm. Out of those trust builds a lot to relationship, or let´s say it can easily break all the foundations if the trust is gone with the wind. Isn´t it funny though how the first topic, self love, affects so many other things in our life, trust included. When we understand who we are and we accept our selves first, it´s easier to have that balance in life that is needed to trust. Lack of trust often is due to own internal fears and insecurities – applies for trust towards the other person or trust towards tomorrow. They day you can spread your wings and fly knowing that you trust on everything in front of you, that is just beautiful.
More our individual capabilities are curiosity and passion. Not saying that curiosity is needed for long term relationships, just saying that in my world it is 🙂 I think being curious towards everything just means we´re very much alive and if only one in the relationship is very curious, the other one not so interested in anything around him/her, not sure how well that works. But if both are equally curious, towards each other, life, emotions, can become a beautiful and endless exploring journey together. Then passion – one of my favorite topics for sure. I love passionate people – at work, in relationship, in sport, in art..just everywhere. It makes miracles happen and same goes into relationships, when two souls share the same level of passion energy and it´s complimented with same values and same curiosity, it makes two heart beats fast but as one.
Last but not least is the rhythm – same thing again, rhythm related to many things, how we live our life, what´s the rhythm to wake up in the mornings, read a book, run in a park, make love etc. If everything is out of sync, it will be difficult to walk through life together.
All those things mentioned would build a beautiful relationship in my mind. Finding that soul mate who lives in balance, shares the same values, appreciates same beauty and colors, is passionate towards life and love and curious to still understand more, is capable of finding words to explain all fears and joys and walks with me through storms and sunsets trusting our rhythm – that´s the dream I dream.

Be safe people and keep loving – now harder than ever.


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