Day 9

Another day in the ocean of these sunny, but so unique days. Every day you wake up thinking ”what will this day bring”. More and more I start to think that even if it´s difficult to be away from my two sons and old friends, it´s in a way blessing to be in New Zealand during this time. I´m just very impressed every day of the way the crisis is managed and how human and humble the Prime Minister is in the middle of all this. Somehow it gives a calming touch to this mess.
Another joy for the day was two long video calls to Finland, it´s so nice to see familiar faces and discuss common topics. The other call was with my ”coach” who helped me a lot when making the difficult decision of leaving Finland. And yes, it was a super difficult decision to leave, many sleepless nights when thinking about the options. But luckily and had this coach who was capable of helping me to see with my heart. A unique skill to ”walk” me into situations and make me see it through feelings and emotions. I´ve had many coaches and mentors, but this for sure was the first time ever that someone could guide me to my feelings this way. Always grateful to Niina for this..

And then back to core values – think this time it´s ”appreciation”. Which in my books is one of the main values of all. Also it´s a wide topic, but for that exact reason it also relates to my ultimate dream in this life. I´ve often dreamed about the morning when I wake up and every single person in this world has changed. They have woken up heart full of appreciation. How different would everything be in the world where people would all of sudden appreciate different religions, different opinions in politics, differences between sexuality, skin color etc. And everyone would appreciate all the small things they have, all the beauty they have around.
In relationships appreciation is of course firstly a sign of that important self awareness and love. Once you are truly satisfied with yourself, you stop competing with others and can start appreciating all the great things other people can do. Especially the loved one – in the best relationships it is simply beautiful to watch people who just admire the things the partner does, value the opinions they have, appreciates the likes and dislikes she/he has etc. I have had the privilege to watch a couple like this for years and every time it´s like a dream. I´ve spent some weekends at their summer house and it´s so great to wake up in the morning when you know what to expect. Those small gestures to lend a helping hand, those loving looks, those small words to let the other person know ”how much I appreciate you exactly the way you are”. It is just amazing to watch and for me it has always been a ”relationship role model”. I´ve seen it in action with my own eyes for years, so I know that it is possible 🙂
Appreciation also relates into very many areas in relationship – we can simply appreciate the way our partners treats other people, the kids in the family, how she / he remembers all small things that are important to someone else, how positive mindset the other person has etc. I can really enlighten every single day, so make sure you sit down and think about this one. Think to your self – what are the things I appreciate – in myself, in this world, in the family, at work, in the person you love the most. When you write ”I appreciate” over many things in your life and relationship, love starts to grow..

Be safe and keep loving folks.


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