Day 6

Like any other day in the sea of these different times. Wake up alarm in the morning and slow routines, morning yoga to wake up the body and especially the mind. How important it is now to make sure your mind is awake early enough in the morning. Not trying to join any 5am club here, but just trying to keep up some rhythm for the day. And be mentally awake to make the best out of each day.
First week has been surprisingly active, especially in terms of the social contacts – online.
We´re now getting so good in using the online tools, that soon I´m worried are we really starting ”the new normal”…less and less human contacts, more caring and sharing online. I do hope we never get there…we still need to be close to touch, smell and breathe the same air, we still need to be hugged.
On the daily routine side I have to say that I´m truly grateful that we still can go out, especially for me the bicycle rides are a real life line. Getting on a bike and cycling to different parts of the city, finding a peaceful spot from a park or next to sea. It is just so calming. Really easy to dive into my own bubble, just enjoy the beauty around and dream that none of this is happening around us.
Since this is a blog about love, I will indeed start reflecting some of my thoughts around it – also in English I mean 🙂 And yes what would be a better starting point than the foundation, the building blocks of a relationship..

I have been thinking quite a lot about this topic. Guess it´s natural, after a long marriage ended several years ago, few attempts to have a relationship etc. Plenty to think about, mainly trying to study myself, is it because of me when relationships don´t work? Is it the other person? Is it the combination? And what would the ultimate combo be, what would make it all last? And through many conversations, many experiences and plenty of self reflection, guess I start to have my own view. Finally. 🙂 Even if more and more my friends ask the same question – ”is that even the meaning of love, are we meant to be together with one person forever?”. Don´t know the right answer, but guess I´m romantic and old fashion enough to believe in it. I want to believe in it. And I still believe that there is that ”soul mate”. That person who is not asking ”where” when you say ”look”.
But yes, what do I think soul mates would have in common. What would make the perfect relationship in my mind. This is my conclusion, these are my building blocks for loving relationship:

  • Self awareness and love
  • Life values
  • Appreciation
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Rhythm

No special order of importance or anything. Just maybe some logic behind the order. I´ll dive into the first one tomorrow. If you´ve ever been reading anything I write, you know that it´s my number one topic of all. Without knowing who you really are, understanding your capabilities and accepting, it will be very hard to offer unconditional love.

And is there really any better time to start studying your self than NOW? Not really, this is it, today it is. Now we have more time than ever to find that mirror and start asking some good questions. And not be afraid of any answers..

Be safe people. And keep on loving.


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