Day 4

Another day in different kind of paradise. We are so lucky here to still be able to do limited amount of outdoor activities, as long as you do it with enough social distance. So I´m still able to jump on my bicycle and wonder around this amazing and breathtakingly beautiful city. That photo is taken from Domain park, where you can find stunning spots to sit and admire the view (I have promised myself to NEVER get used to these views..)
Before the cycling trip, I of course enjoyed Sunday morning. For me Sunday´s are special days, there is something very majestic in them. That´s why I always need some decent classical music to start with (this morning´s choice was an Estonian dude Arvo Pärt, amazing composer who has created some of the most amazing classical music pieces into this world).
While floating in the waves of calming music, I managed to forget the outside world, all of it´s troubles and worries. I managed to escape into that famous bubble for a while. There was only the present moment, no past, no future. It felt safe, I felt happy and balanced.
Don´t get me wrong, I´m not saying that we need to ”escape” the real world, it´s always there with it´s sorrows and pains. It´s just nice to sometimes take a little break of it and focus on the moment, let your mind and soul rest. Just let the music and thoughts carry you to the calming waves and let sun cherish you all over.
For me music has been a great way to ”escape”, books as well. And now with older age other forms of art, photographs and paintings have become a super important source of ”emotional power” as well. Funny enough, I can´t play a single instrument, I totally suck in singing, drawing, painting..just everything that relates to art. But maybe that´s why it´s so easy for me to love it..for me it´s purely a ”heart and mind” thing, I don´t have to analyze a single beat or line in the painting. I can just feel it.
From very early on music has been a strong element of my emotional life. I was born and raised in a farm, which was not too easy for me. For reason I still haven´t been able to figure out, I wanted out to the ”big world” from very young age. Easier said than done back in the days, so I used music and books a lot as my wings to wonder around the world.
Useful skill to have now, during this total lock down. Being isolated in new country I´m really happy that I can jump on those wings, close my eyes and let the emotions flow. And there is plenty of emotions right now, melancholy is one, actually very interesting one. Not a big surprise that it has been very present in my life lately. Being far away from my own boys, those great monkeys that I love to the moon, is sometimes super hard. Missing our evenings together, our great and deep conversations, our super bad jokes etc. One very big source of melancholy for sure. But I have learned to like it. I honestly think that when melancholy or sadness knocks, just open the door and let them in. Make them some coffee and have a chat. Listen carefully ´cause most likely every time you learn something new about yourself.
It´s not all sad and tears though, even these crazy times, I can still find tons of happiness and joy in my life. As I´ve already said, new friends here are just amazing individuals and I could not be more grateful to have them in my life. AND – I can´t wait those moments when the ”new normal starts” and we can get together at my ”K Road Love Lounge”, i.e. this apartment, put on some great music, talk and laugh endless nights, get drunk both from wine and life.
So many other things to smile at, but maybe I´ll save them for next times – those will be topics for maaaany days 🙂
So guess what Í´m trying to say is – what ever your method, vehicle or tool is to fly little higher, see around little wider or cry little louder, just use it. Find it and use it. These days of isolation are the gold en opportunity for all of us to learn just a little more about the most important – ourselves. That´s the key to ultimate happiness. Only when you love the face in the mirror (in a healthy way), can you love others.
Be safe. And keep on loving.

That´s some random thoughts from Day 4.
I also got some beautiful text from Tracey today, want to share it with you:

Be still my cherub.  Be still.
Let the loving arms of Mother Nature wrap around you. 
Feel the embrace of the sun’s warmth, of birds singing and chatting.  Be a part of that conversation.  Listen to the whispers, the secrets of the leaves. 
There is magic in their message.
We are one.  We are connected.  The parts make the whole.  Who am I to think my part is greater, or that of another. 
We are the same.
The love exists there.  In that space.  In that quiet inner conversation. 
That’s where the love is.
A melting pot of compassion, darkness, vibration, and color. 
How do we stir it.  Or should we just observe the swirls and allow it to mix. 
Be still child.  Be still.


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