Day 2

Second day of this new and weird world of ”lock down”. Have to say that I would have never thought I will see something like this during my lifetime. Had these silver lined dreams that we are untouchable, nothing this evil will hit us. How wrong was I. Takes a lot of effort to keep the mood up when looking at the empty highways and streets. On a different day it would be the most beautiful thing to witness, peaceful street with sun rise. But now it´s just an illustration of a tragedy. Of jobs that will be lost, families and relationships that will end, hearts that will be broken.
I´m not saying I´m afraid of the melancholic mood, think we all need it. We need to face the sadness in this world, we need to cry when we feel like it. That´s part of the journey to one´s ”inner self”. But right now the scale of things, the total lack of control, makes it sometimes bit hard to handle. Being alone in this new place with very little to do, it really takes some effort to keep the balance. Might be the ultimate ”retreat” and meditation trip that I will ever experience.
Then there is the other side of the coin. All the good that this will bring. And boy I think there will be plenty, not start blogging about that since there is already so much discussions around it. But polishing that silver lining right back on, this most likely will return our ability to love each other again in more unconditional way. This will bring back the human behavior that we have lost, our willingness to help each other. I know I keep repeating this same story. But I have been dreaming about it for so many years that it would be so beautiful to see it happening. Would just L O V E that.
Thinking about my own agenda, what the hell do you do indoors for a month. Especially when I missed out buying many of the fitness equipment’s I wanted. On this second day I will add some silver lining on this as well – ´cause when I decided to make this huge change in my life and move to the other side of the world, I promised myself that this will bring some improvements –
Two of the promises are both now very valid – more focus on the moment and more time for reading. Maybe I should have been careful what I wished for?!? Now I for sure have time to be more present in the moment, because the moment is the only thing I have. This hopefully will educate me much further to strip down a lot from the present moment. Being in the moment more also means more time for dreaming. And I love dreaming. That´s one thing nobody can take a way from you – even if as to my great surprise I see many relationships where other person is desperately trying to cut down the dreams of the partner. Why? Dreaming is the best thing ever, further your mind wonders, brighter the colors and more hungry for life you are! So think we should ONLY encourage each others and ourselves to dream more, let your mind fly.

And reading, something I used to love when I was a kid. With today´s busy schedules I just have forgotten how to do that, how to dive into the fantasy world of the book. To carry on with the dreaming theme – books are so different from movies. With reading I can create every scene in my mind exactly as I like, the perfume of the woman is the one what only I can smell, the one I adore, her eyes are exactly as brown as I wanted them to be, the sea is so blue and the sun is so bright. THAT world of imagination I want to find again.
But enough of my thoughts for today. I want to save some space for a writing that my friend Clinton sent yesterday. He is a beautiful soul and I think you can agree just by reading this:

Bubble time
What a strange time it is.
This new life in a bubble. With transparent walls we could easily slip through but for our individual and collective will to make a difference and save lives.
What a gift it is! This time in a bubble. A time to reconnect with self and others, even without physical contact. A time to read, watch, learn and listen. To ponder what it means to truly be alive, even as others succumb to this World encompassing malady.
A time to reconsider Mother Nature, at once aghast and in awe. And especially to renew our respect for her.
This precious time in a bubble.
To park up in peace and tranquility with no need to rush hither or thither.
A time to cherish the warmth of the sun, a chat over the fence and a gentle stroll in one’s ‘hood.
This blessing of space in a bubble.
Sheltered from the maelstrom of our daily routine lives, cherished moments to reflect upon and remember what truly matters. A time to tidy up our messy rooms, relationships and lives.
An opportune time to care and share whilst in a bubble.
To reach out to others whose need is greater than our own, whose bubble may be a lonely one, or one less well supplied.
A time to respect a little more our healthcare and other essential workers. Bubble Angels who save us, or continue to grow our food, process and transport it that we may be sustained.
To sing a song of gratitude to the unsung heroes who bring home our loved ones, protect our streets, process our emergency benefits, restock our depleted supermarket shelves, keep our prescriptions coming and our country ticking over. All whilst having to leave the safety of their own bubbles for the greater good.
And a shout out to our leaders who have been bold and decisive in advocating this bubble time for one and all. Humanity before money and things.
And when this time is done – as this too shall pass – rather than burst our bubble perhaps we might let it gently merge with those of others. To share our learnings and exchange experiences.
Imagine if all our bubbles were to coalesce into one gigantic bubble filled with gratitude, compassion, love.
Who would have thought a little bubble time might begin to heal our world?


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