Day 1

This is the first day of total lock down in New Zealand. Everything is closed, except supermarkets for food and pharmacies for medicine. Everyone needs to stay home, no social contacts outside own family allowed.
Sad enough, I wrote about this topic in this blog recently. It was about being alone by choice vs. being lonely. And sooner than I thought, I found myself in the middle of it..

”Being alone by choice is a privilege, being alone without a choice can be a misery”

It´s so popular in our modern world to have ”quiet moments” and ”travel to inner me”. And even better when you can choose the time for it. But now all of a sudden we´re in a situation where we don´t have a choice. Be alone and deal with it.
I´m still gathering my thoughts around this. I have landed into this country 2.5 months ago, so many things are still new. And you now how our mind works, more familiar environment, more safe you feel. So in a new place, with none of my personal stuff yet here, in total isolation, it´s quite a new situation for me. Especially when home for me is important, it has become my safe harbor where tears, fears and laughter go hand in hand, I´m far away from my boys that I love to the moon. Obviously there is both the worry about their health and the fear of being so distant if something happens to me. In the moments of emergency you need your love ones close.. Of course I know that I´m still privileged, so many in worse situation and so little we can do to help. But still, I´m only human and my small mind takes time to adjust. And actively working on finding the silver lining on the situation. Which I truly think there is..
There is this completely NEW side of things – many of us have been self isolating already for several days so there is some experience on how this all works and feels.
Some interesting findings – it truly feels like the difficult times are finally uniting people more than ever in our lifetime. Even if the connections are only via chat, video calls, phone calls etc. it seems like we´re sharing so much more of ourselves already. Like in our office that has been virtual for days already – we share a lot about our homes, families, pets, fears, there´s jokes, competitions etc. Think I´ve learned more about my colleagues during these few ”online days” than during the onsite days at the office. Love it!
Not to mention friends, how many creative ideas regarding sharing and caring. And just before lock down yesterday, I got some beautiful prove that I´ve met some fabulous people here. Without asking I was offered some help with food shopping, got them even delivered to my door. And had caring soul to deliver extra heaters to my door just before the lock down by midnight. Just to make sure I don´t get cold during this crazy period. What can I say, difficult times bring the true beauty out of people. Not gonna mention any names here. You know who you are Sophie and Kaisla 🙂
Love you both!
This is a block about love, so of course I need to mention it..and have a feeling that during these days I will be writing quite a lot about it 🙂 Both the lack of it and the new ways of feeling it. This quiet time for sure is a perfect time to investigate the most important form of love. The ability to love yourself.
So let´s use these difficult times to get back to basics, spend that extra time to get to know who we really are and look around to appreciate what we have.
I will do my best to observe and understand more, stay safe, stay fit, work hard and keep the loved ones virtually close. On these daily updates I can hopefully also share some loving words and thoughts from you all, there´s so much beauty and love that we need to share!

Final thought on love for the Day 1:
I´ve said many times that my dream is both desperate and hopeful. I dream of the day when everything has changed overnight. There is no more hate, there is no more discrimination. There is acceptance. There is a world where love has beaten all the wars.
I always thought this dream is utopia. Now I think it could be tomorrow.

Love Lockdown – Day 1


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